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Life is a celebration of everyday rituals: paying for your coffee, checking your smartphone, smoking a Joint… This indispensable companion on the road of life is a wallet, smartphone case, and weed or tobacco pouch all rolled into one – and perfectly sized for your pocket.

The absolute special feature is: LIGHT !

You want to roll a Joint at Night? No problem, just switch on the LED Lights and roll away…


  • Three-in-one: wallet, smartphone case, joint pouch
  • Pocket sized
  • A unique and patent applied
  • High-quality, innovative design




Front part: Joint Roll Pouch

  • Two inner pockets for green Flowers, tobacco, filter tips, lighter, etc.
  • King-size paper holder
  • Wooden rolling base with magnet flaps to keep paper and filter tips in place
  • LED Lights at the rolling base
  • stuffer (secured with a rubber band)
  • Closes securely with snap fasteners


Middle Part: Pocket for Phone


Back Part: Wallet 

  • 3 card slots
  • 2 transparent card slots
  • Small change pocket
  • Bill compartment
  • Phone storage pocket
  • Removable chain
  • Anti-theft brass chain



Three in one, from dusk till dawn …switch on the light, Enjoint your Night



Material: Cowhide

Color: Dark brown

Measures: 17  x 9,5 x 3 cm



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