Mini Storage/Pocket Ashtray “Cork”


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Is it a Pocket to store your herbs or is it a portable pocket ashtray?

Its everything Dear, you choose.

The small pocket offers both options, either way it keeps discreetly the smell of its content.

By using it as a pocket ashtray, Smokers can reduce the environmental impact and make a contribution

to protect our precious mother earth from cigarette or joint butts

As a smoker, you carry the responsibility for your smoke butts

Knowledge is power?

Consciousness is more powerful !


  • MULTI FUNCTIONAL   You can store your herbs or use it as an ashtray
  • SMELL FREE  The pocket keeps decently the smell of content
  • PORTABLE : It fits easily into a KAVATZA, or any other bag, your trousers pocket
  • READY TO USE ANYWHERE ON THE GO  In the Nature, city, parties, festivals… just everywhere
  • HEAT RESISTANT LONG LASTING MATERIAL  Made of cork and heat resistant foil, one button push button
  • PROTECTS THE ENVIRONMENT: No more cigarette butts at beaches, on streets, in the nature, it prevents forest fires, etc


Material: Corc, aluminum foil

Color: Natural


Cork – Cleaning and Care Instructions

  • If necessary, clean cork pouches with a damp cloth and dish soap.
  • To avoid contamination, you can treat the pouches with wax or oil before using them. Bee wax has proven its worth!





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