Tobacco Pouch “Buckaroo Deluxe”


Tobacco Pouch “Buckaroo” quality practical design with two inner pockets for tobacco filters and lighter from brown waxed leather

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First there’s that special leather feel, firm yet smooth, under your fingertips; you inhale the soothing scent of leather mixed with fresh tobacco; then you snap open the pouch, rustle the papers, hear the tobacco crackle lightly: when your senses are this stimulated, why rush it? This tobacco pouch is your own little sanctuary where everything is in its right place. Your Original Kavatza.

  • High-quality semi veg. tanned cow leather
  • Perfect size for a tobacco pouch
  • Two inner pockets to comfortably store one package of loose tobacco, filters, and lighter
  • Paper holder (for standard-size papers)
  • Two magnetic buttons to keep flap closed
  • Leather naturally keeps tobacco moist
  • Quality craftsmanship: stylish and sturdy

Material: semi veg tanned Cow leather

Color: brown/ grey

Tobacco dressed in leather …

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Weight 0.088 kg
Dimensions 7.5 × 15 × 2 cm

Original Kavatza


nein, enthält Leder




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