Joint Wallet “Cork”


The Joint Wallet “Cork” made of cork. Joint rolling pouch with LED lights, smell-reducing storage pocket for cannabis, small pocket ashtray, king size paper holder and enough storage for your rolling gear. Wallet. Mobile compartment. Detachable multifunctional chain offers safe and comfortable carrying options for him and her. Secured to the belt, worn around the waist or as a handbag over the shoulder, as it suits you. Too good to be true? No. Simply an Original Kavatza.

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The Joint Wallet “Cork”offers three products in one. On the front is the joint pouch with LED light on the wooden rolling base, because who hasn’t often wished for lighting when rolling a joint at night on the beach, in a hammock or at a party? Open the light bar and switch the LED lights on at the battery case – a really illuminating highlight in the joint wallet. On the sides of the rolling base also attached, there are two magnetic flaps that fix the paper with the filter tip in order to ensure relaxed to roll a joint, even in light winds. The small wooden stuffer is secured to a brass chain underneath the rolling base.

There are two inner compartments on the front of the joint pouch, which offer enough space for all smoking utensils. One of these compartments is intended for the tobacco pouch and has an smell-reducing zipper. In the second inner compartment you will find an smell-reducing storage pocket for cannabis and a small pocket ashtray to protect the environment and for maximum convenience. The king size paper holder is of course not missing either.

The wallet is located on the back of this Kavatza and offers space for credit cards, banknotes and change. In the middle compartment you can conveniently place your mobile phone.As you can see, everything you need finds its place, is well thought out and you have everything at your fingertips. And if you are now wondering how you can secure this gem from loss or theft, we of course have the right solution for that too.

The multifunctional chain consists of several individual parts. each offering different carrying options. The two cork loops can be attached to the belt. At the small snap hooks you can easily attach the Joint Wallet either at the side half-rings so that it fits snugly on the belt, or it can be attached to the rivets on the upper edge to hang it a little lower on the hips. However, it can also be carried in the classic way in the trouser pocket, secured directly to the waistband with the brass or cork chain. In addition, all individual parts can also be put together to form a handbag chain and worn either around the waist or over the shoulder.

All in all, probably the ultimate cannabis accessory since Kavatza was born. It is ideal for the cannabis connoisseur and as an extraordinary gift.

Features Joint Wallet

  • Three-in-one: joint pouch, wallet, smartphone case
  • Pocket sized
  • From cork
  • A unique and patent applied
  • High-quality, innovative design

Front part: Joint Roll Pouch

  • Two inner pockets for cannabis, tobacco, filter tips, lighter, etc
  • Smell reducing zipper at tobacco-, or cannabis-pocket
  • King-size paper holder
  • Wooden rolling base with magnet flaps to keep paper and filter tips in place
  • LED Lights at the rolling base
  • Stuffer (secured with a rubber band)
  • Smell reduced pocket ashtray
  • Smell reduced cannabis pocket
  • Closes securely with snap fasteners

Middle Part: Pocket for mobile

Back Part: Wallet

  • 3 card slots
  • Small change pocket
  • Bill compartment
  • Phone storage pocket
  • Removable chain
  • Anti-theft brass chain

Multifunctional chain

Unisex, wear your joint wallet

  • Whatever you choose
  • In the pocket of your trousers, secured by the chain on the belt
  • Directly on the belt secured by the two cork loops of the chain
  • Around the hip
  • As handbag, comfortable and leight weight over your shoulder

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