Big Joint Book Box “1001 Nights”


The Original Kavatza Big Joint Book Box “1001 Nights”, disguised as a book, with LED lights, king size papers holder, rolling base, stuffer and everything you need for rolling your joint, stashing your gear in one place.

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Big Joint Book Box “1001 Nights” is not for reading. An extraordinary cannabis accessory for the relaxed smoker and everyone who loved secret hiding spots as a child. Who are Goethe, Schiller and Co.? Her new favorite book is a Kavatza-sized joint book box. Organize your smoke utensils in your large book box, whether on the shelf, on the sofa or on the table, the book box fits inconspicuously.

Big Joint Book Box “1001 Nights” with features such as different sizes, designs, lighting, utensils for processing your tobacco products, as well as practical holders for papers and co. And a magnetic closure, the book box offers you a lot of possibilities. The book box also supports you when it comes to sustainability, because leftovers are simply collected, so no crumbs on the table or floor and no unnecessary dust in the smoked goods. The book box is ideal for your own use, but also as a gift for friends or family.


  • Wooden box disguised as a large book with a magnetic lock
  • LED lighting inside
  • Ideal for home use
  • Mixing residues are reliably collected by folding up the rotating base
  • No tobacco war fields on the table, no waste
  • Antiquarian design
  • Noble and comfortable

This is inside:

  • Lots of storage space,
  • 6 compartments for the tobacco pouch or cigarettes, filter, lighter, grinder, etc.
  • King size paper holder
  • Tamper (attached with rubber band)
  • LED lighting

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Dimensions 30 × 23 × 8 cm